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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cooking - New anime fashion mode (again!?)

When crawling around finding food to fill the stomach at 3 hour morning, I accidentally found out that in recent animes almost all of girls know how to cook. Seems like it is a new fashion to get to a man's heart, through his stomach.

Digging through the animes, I found that all 3 girls in True Tears know how to cook, and I'm sure they cook pretty well, too. Lucky Shinichiro! whoever he ends up with, he will be assure of full stomach.

True Tears Hiromi is doing
her daily morning cook.
True Tears Noe is humming and cooking
Aiko with her own shop
(still can't figure why, where her parents are?)

Going on with the digging, I found that all Clannad girls know how to cook, too (technically for Fuko!?). We must have been remember the cute war between Kyou and Tomoyo to get Tomoya to eat lunch with.

Clannad twin Kyou Ryou new recipes? Buta soup

Nagisa of course, she must
have known how to cook.

Ok, even deliquent girl Tomoyo knows how to cook.

Our genius girl Kotomi, too.

I want to find a picture to prove Fuko also knows how to cook, too. But... who will believe it after ep 18 @_@. Oh well, if she doesn't have accident, I think she will know, too (I hope).

Here is 2 main girl Hinata and Hayami in H2O doing some cooking

Technically, this is still cooking... (Hayami in H2O)

She is trying, and successful (Hinata in H2O)

Unfortunately, in KimiKiss series, there are no cooking, they are busy lovesicking than loveydokey with their lover, except 2 little sisters with their udon cooking.

It has been a while since the last time I saw massive girl cooking like this. It is fun to see that almost every episodes in recent animes, girls are trying their best to fill her lovers' stomaches. What will be the next fashion after this? maybe knitting? Seeing Aiko in True Tears knitting is so cuute and nostalgic.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Clannad Review 18 - "Comeback Plan" is over or just begins

This is the best Clannad episode that I've seen. But maybe the harshest episode, too. Although I'm Nagisa fan, it is still to hurtful to watch it.
After nearly 2 episodes, Nagisa appears again. It seems like from the day Tomoya decides not to visit Nagisa anymore, his feeling builds up. And when she is back, this is the first time he is blushed. But seems like he still doesn't realize his feeling, because with his personality, once he realizes it, he will not stand still.
The scene that Tomoya protects Nagisa from the other boy is so surprised. It is like a statement of his feeling. And he does that in front of 4 girls who like him. I really can't get enough of it.

Blushed and saying "I'm not doing it for your sake!"

Unconsciously protect Nagisa from other boy and realize.

For Tomoyo, she is cooking for him everyday when he is suspended. And she is also the only one know about the relationship about him and his father. She even tells him about her dream, and her family. She thinks Tomoya tries to help her to be school president, because he wants her to archive her dream of keep the sakura trees. But after hearing Nagisa saying "I'm trying to reestablish the Theater Club", She seems to realize Tomoya's purpose.

I don't know if she's already realized her
feeling or not, but that face is just so painful.

As for the twin, Ryou again makes attempt to get Tomoya with her sister's help. It is just so hurtful to see Kyou face again and again trying to suppress her feeling to Tomoya.

But Ryou more and more can't express her feeling. Her word she said with Tomoya "It's a pity that I can't get it right (fortune telling) but I think it's better that i don't" left me confused. Is it because of the wrong translation, or because she hope that her wish shouldn't get right? Is it mean that she aware of her sister feeling, or just feel so hopeless?
Either way, it is so painful to see Kyou and Ryou, while helping each other, they actually express their feelings.

Kyou unconsciously runs to Tomoya when seeing him so
cheerful with Nagisa. But Ryou seems no surprise as if
she already know her sister feeling to Tomoya.

They both are crying for realizing Tomoya feeling to Nagisa. Ryou's crying for taking advantage of Kyou so much. Kyou's crying for not realize and yield so much.

Tomoya now is officially the best harem main character that I like. I'm impressed with him saying he vaguely understand Ryou's feeling and why Kyou keeps pushing her to him in ep 17, and some small things that he said through the anime. Tomoya is not the typical dumb character that know nothing about relationship and stand still. He is forceful (look at how he protects Nagisa,) and pretty smart. This episode is a K.O of him.

The most painful scene of the episode :
3 girls realize their feeling.

The most heart-warming scene in the episode :
needless to say.

The most hurtful girl in the episode : Kyou - realize her feeling at the same time with feeling the lost - The background song is "Over", a remix of her own theme song.
The most happy girl in the episode : Nagisa....

Although I'm Nagisa fan, but after this episode, I questioned that is it okay for every girls in the anime feel so painful, and know each other feeling for Tomoya, while Nagisa, who knows nothing about other girls' feeling, is the one Tomoya ends up with. But who know, there are 6 episodes, so there will be tons of unpredicted things.

Will there be another orb (or 2) in the next episode?

Or will it be like this?