Thursday, February 14, 2008

True Tears - Look at their shoes

I don't know if it is the hidden meaning in True Tears or not. But I think it's exciting to talk about it.:)
In Asia, there is a saying : "When you look at people, look at their shoes". It means that although people can have different personality, or try to hide it under the clothes, accessories, but the shoes a person wears always tell us all about that person (for those who don't and want to know about its meaning, there's a movie "Beautiful Country", which a Vietnamese man tries to go to US to find his US father, and wants to open a shoe store; you can check out.)
I love that saying to the point that I use it to judge people a lot(not a good way to judge, i know =_=, but surprisingly it is right more than wrong). Now I just found out that it can be applied in this anime, too.

Normally, in other anime, I don't notice the shoes they wear, because it is almost the same: same sneaker, same girl shoes, same flipflop,.... But in this anime. It is really unique what they are wearing.

Isuguri Noe : At first we are all impressed how stylish she is: a flat high shoes with pink decoration. But hrough out the anime, all she wears is that pair of shoes (except her childhood, and her school sneaker, of course). She is the type of girl we may mistake as a goofing girl, or at least a girl who really cares about the appearance.But I think she actually is a fragile girl; she found something to lean on, to hide on and she sticks with it. She looks like being in a transparent bubble ( She made it herself, or her brother, her past made it, I'm not sure). She only sees things outside, not experience it. Once it is burst out, maybe that will be true tears. :). She is like a glass mask, although you can see through it, you still can't really know it.
Yuasa Hiromi : She is competely opposite with Noe. At first, what she wears is really typical: school shoes, sneaker,... It is kind of plain. But through out the anime, we can see her shoes really match with her cloth, and she has more choices than Noe. It seem like although she is unique, she tries to blend in her surround. She suppresses herself and try to be normal, maybe it is the reason why although she is so talent, she is not popular. She always seems to think carefully before doing anything.
In some ways, she is similar to Noe about purpose using clothes. But if Noe using fancy personality to others fr know her inner, Hiromi uses plain personality to hide her complex feeling. In other words, If Noe is using fancy firework to let people look up and not notice things in front of them, then Hiromi is using fog to make people confuse. If Noe is glass mask that gathers people but still hide her personality, then Hiromi is plain mask that drive people away.

Endo Aiko : A girl with blue sneaker :), needless to say. She is the type of girl who tries her best to fit in with her enviroment (her work as cook, her friend with 2 boys). She wears lots of shoes through out the anime, too. But unlike Hiromi, her shoes doesn't match her cloth or style that well. It seems like she is a sensitive girl, but doesn't know how to express herself. Unlike Hiromi, She always does exactly opposite with what she thinks (we've seen that already: Nobuse's confession, sweater incident,...). Besides, she always hides her leg with socks. She is afraid to show her true self, pessimistic about her appearance(She keeps thinking Noe, Hiromi beautiful than her).
In other words, if Noe is firework, Hiromi is fog, then Aiko is just simply run away from people. If Noe is glass mask, Hiromi is plain mask, then Aiko just simply cover her face.

Nagakami Shinichiro : A boy wears a pink sneaker? It is kind of weird to look at. But after 6 eps, we can understand some of his personality. He is rebellious, but sensitive, skillful. He doesn't care much about surrounding, and always occupied with his own thought. But it is not like he doesn't think about others, it's just like he keeps stubling around with his vague personality . I don't really understand much his personality at this point, so I can't say for sure about him.

So we have Noe is exactly opposite with Hiromi, and Hiromi is opposite with Aiko ?? What did I just write ? @_@ But you know what i mean, right?
Of course all of those are just my opinion :). Asian philosophy is always like fortune cookies, all blah blah are true :). Maybe you felt some in the anime already.

The series is not finished yet, and we've already seen the first tears (deep tears - Hiromi). There will be more and more exciting about this anime, and its level of drame. I wonder if the last tears will be true tears :p. Now I'm falling in love more and more with this anime.
This is the first time I write this kind of post, so it is confusing how I should express myself. If you have some other opinions, feel free to express ^^.

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Anonymous said...

I've watched the whole show, but I never thought to look at the characters in this way! Thumbs up for the neat perspective. :P